We offer custom tailored service solutions for hobbyists, industrial and home use.

3D Scanning

3D scanning as a service simplifies and streamlines the process of creating digital 3D models without requiring expensive equipment or specialized knowledge.

3D Printing

Get your ideas printed with ease and in various materials by using 3D printing as a service. It’s a budget-friendly way for designers, engineers, and hobbyists to quickly bring their ideas to life!

CAD Design

We offer CAD as a service, with an engineer on staff to provide efficient and accurate 3D modeling and design. We’ll help bring your products to market faster and with the highest quality standards.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service is an efficient and cost-effective way to quickly bring your ideas to life, allowing you to test, refine and perfect your product before launching it to the market.


Our 3D printing consultations as a service provide expert advice and guidance on all aspects of 3D printing, helping you to make informed decisions on equipment, materials, and processes to achieve your goals.

We’ll even come out to your job site!